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1. Where are Columbia Sportswear's corporate headquarters?
2. What is Columbia Sportswear's fiscal year-end?
3. What other brands does Columbia Sportswear Company own?
4. How many employees does Columbia have?
5. Who is the company's independent registered public accounting firm?
6. Who sits on Columbia's Board of Directors?
7. Who are the members of Columbia's management team?
8. What are Columbia Sportswear's Corporate Governance Policies?
9. Where can I find information about Columbia Sportswear's Social Responsibility programs?
10. Does Columbia Sportswear have a Code of Conduct?
11. Where are Columbia Sportswear's products manufactured?
12. When did Columbia Sportswear go public?
13. On what stock exchange is Columbia's stock traded and what is Columbia's ticker symbol?
14. Who is your transfer agent and how do I contact them?
15. How can I arrange to receive my proxy materials electronically rather than by mail?
16. Has Columbia Sportswear ever implemented a stock split?
17. When does Columbia Sportswear typically announce its quarterly financial results?
18. How can I invest in Columbia Sportswear stock? Can I purchase directly from the Company?
19. Does Columbia Sportswear pay a dividend?
20. Does Columbia Sportswear offer a dividend reinvestment program?
21. Does Columbia Sportswear have a stock repurchase program?
22. How can I arrange to receive my proxy materials electronically rather than by mail?
23. How can I update my address?
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