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Short-Term Borrowings and Credit Lines (Narrative) (Details)

Short-Term Borrowings and Credit Lines (Narrative) (Details)
$ in Thousands
6 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2022
USD ($)
Line of Credit Facility [Line Items]  
Maximum borrowing capacity $ 500,000
Subsequent Event, Description In July 2022, the Company terminated the Prior Domestic Credit Agreement and, simultaneously, entered into a new credit agreement (the “Domestic Credit Agreement”). The Domestic Credit Agreement provides for up to $500.0 million of borrowings pursuant to an unsecured, committed revolving credit facility (the “Credit Facility”), which is available for working capital and general corporate purposes, including a sublimit for the issuance of letters of credit. This Credit Facility matures on July 12, 2027. Interest, payable monthly, is based on the Company's option of either the secured overnight financing rate (“SOFR”) plus an applicable margin or a base rate. Base rate is defined as the highest of the following, plus an applicable margin:• the administrative agent's prime rate;• the higher of the federal funds rate or overnight bank funding rate set by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, plus 0.50%; or• the one-month SOFR plus 1.00%.The applicable margin for SOFR loans will range from 1.00% to 1.50% based on the Company’s funded debt ratio. The applicable margin for base rate loans will range from 0.00% to 0.50% based on the Company’s funded debt ratio.The Domestic Credit Agreement requires the Company to comply with a financial covenant to maintain a certain funded debt ratio. In addition, the Domestic Credit Agreement includes customary covenants that, among other things, limit or restrict the ability of the Company and its subsidiaries to incur additional indebtedness and liens, engage in mergers, acquisitions and dispositions, and engage in transactions with affiliates, as well as restrict the amount of certain payments, including dividends and share buybacks in the event the Company's funded debt ratio is greater than a set amount.
Domestic Line of Credit  
Line of Credit Facility [Line Items]  
Line of Credit Facility, Fair Value of Amount Outstanding $ 0